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Who We Are


Our Focus

K&A is an independent assurance, tax and advisory firm situated in Kenya. We help dynamic organisation unlock their potential for growth by providing meaningful actionable advice through a broad range of services.

We are focused on making a difference to clients, colleagues and the communities in which we live and work.

Why K&A

Decision making in business is a multifaceted approach. Organisations need to apply logic, reasoning and intuition to decision making. This is how we advise our clients every day.

We bring insightful ideas and options to the decision making table and also test whether the client’s intuition is the right one. With this we bring meaningful and forward looking advice that can help unlock their potential for growth.

Unlocking Potential

Sustaining long term growth in successful organisations means looking at many different aspects of the business simultaneously.Financial measures, operational efficiency, new ways of working and stakeholder relationships all must grow together if dynamic organisations are to fully achieve their objectives.

AAS - Accounting Advisory Services

As companies grow and go through the challenges of acquiring a listing, merger and acquisition or moves into new markets, we are there to help them.

Human Resource

We work with client to adapt to the global changing environment by working with them to develop best practices in human resource management.

Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance specialists can help you to develop a bidding strategy that can give you advantage over other interested parties. 


Fraud is one of the most difficult risks to detect but is an endemic, ever evolving and costly threat to the finances and reputations of many organizations.

Internal Audit

As the role of internal audit evolves from score-keeper to value-maker, K&A helps in the transition. We assist with the transformation of the internal audit function.


We advise on rapid cost reduction, cash management, financial restructuring, exit planning and as a last resort, insolvency.

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Our Services

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Business Service

Audit Services

In order to build solid foundations with effective management structures, businesses need to record their financial transactions, evaluate their systems and measure results.

Our audit which covers assurance and advisory goes beyond compliance with statutory requirements.

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Taxation Services

Tax is a dynamic area in every country. The changes that Government implement on tax policies have far reaching implications on business every year and as a result there is need for a dynamic team to keep abreast of them. The firm is focused on finding opportunities and leveraging them to clients’ best advantage in the form of significant tax savings. Our tailored tax planning advice enables clients to gain competitive advantages. The tax services include:-

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Advisory Services

AAS – Accounting Advisory Services

As companies grow and go through the challenges of acquiring a listing, merger and acquisition or moves into new markets, we are there to help them conquer the regulatory hurdles.

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K&A Support

Whether you are looking for support in a particular area such as payroll, or want to produce better management accounts or forecasts, K&A has a business solution for you.

K&A understands that not every business has the resources available to carry out all of its business and accounting management functions.

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