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Advisory Services

AAS – Accounting Advisory Services

As companies grow and go through the challenges of acquiring a listing, merger and acquisition or moves into new markets, we are there to help them conquer the regulatory hurdles.

Human Resource

We work with client to adapt to the global changing environment by working with them to develop best practices in human resource management including developing proactive HR policies and procedures aimed at attracting, motivating and retaining good quality staff.

Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance specialists can help you to develop a bidding strategy that can give you advantage over other interested parties. We help you to package disposal attractively or to put in place financing structures that will give the safest and best returns. From drawing board to deal closure, we are committed to ensuring that you get best and frank advice.


Fraud is one of the most difficult risks to detect but is an endemic, ever evolving and costly threat to the finances and reputations of many organizations. Operating in both developed and emerging markets, Our forensic specialists provide robust and practical advice on reducing reputational risk and commercial losses.

Using the latest technology to detect suspicious behaviours and anomalies, we act quickly to investigate suspected or actual fraud and to recover losses.

Internal Audit & Risk Compliance Services

As the role of internal audit evolves from score-keeper to value-maker, K&A helps in the transition. We assist with the transformation of the internal audit function from its traditional, transactions-based model to one that delivers strategic business assurance and value.


Signs of stress and distress appear not just in a company’s financial results but also in their interaction with the outside world. We advise on rapid cost reduction, cash management, financial restructuring, exit planning and as a last resort, insolvency.

Our methodology of assisting clients involves the use of Kaizen, Six Sigma and Lean six sigma methodologies.

Strategic management

We managed responses to strategic changes in the environment, aligning culture, structure and strategy relationship in organisations.

Capacity development

As countries work towards long term development, capacity development must be taken into the core of development planning, financing and policy failure to which the long term goals may be achieved.

We at K&A are passionate about this and have a team of qualified experts who assist on the capacity development in terms of business, financing, human resource for small business and traders and provide advise on capacity development.

Value Added Services

K&A offers baseline surveys. Donor proposal writing and staff training.